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February 18, 2008

Huge ladyboy shecocks at!

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Just because we love petite asian shemales doesn’t mean we prefer shemales who pee in their pubic hair :-) Unlike what the rumour would like us to believe there are plenty of asian shemales who are as hung as european/american shemales are, and who are not shy of showing their massive endowment to photographers.

Nancy and Mint seem to be the most well known hung ladyboys for now, but fortunately is still hunting the huge ladyboy shecocks in Thailand and every once in a while they manage to find some gems… Just look at those two models they’ve uncovered recently:
Ladyboy Oh: She’s 20 years old. Originally from Phuket, Oh now works at Casacade bar. She likes to party and any sort of food. She also happens to love her huge shecock to be sucked on I guess :-)

Ladyboy Oh Ladyboy Oh Ladyboy Oh Ladyboy Oh Ladyboy Oh

Ladyboy Taeng Moo: Another superschlong from Pattaya. Taeng-moo is to be found at Linda Bar, Walking Street. She pops up there very rarely, works probably the street and strolls around everywhere.

Ladyboy Taeng Moo Ladyboy Taeng Moo Ladyboy Taeng Moo Ladyboy Taeng Moo Ladyboy Taeng Moo

Don’t they look yummy? I don’t think there’s anything I love more than an enormous cock on a petite and feminine ladyboy… Those guys in Thailand don’t realis]ze how lucky they are and I think I now understand why Thailand is such a big target for international tourism… Sunshine and antique monuments… yeah, right! :-)

Just visit’s preview to see more yummy hung ladyboys like them!

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  1. Master Jacker Says:

    Oh is so fuckin’ ghot with those jeans on and a bulge showing where there shouldn’t be one. Made me cum.

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